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We are very confident we can help you improve your reviews. We back our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact Us to get started.


Sell on TV & Radio

  • Sell Products on TV & Radio via Commission Only Media Joint Ventures!
  • "Media Direct Marketers need innovate products just to Survive". Wall Street Journal
  • $30 Billion Dollars worth of TV & Radio air time goes unsold each year.
  • Products today need media exposure.
  • The problem you have is that there are 100,000 media companies in America.
  • How can you make the right media connection to sell your product for a commission?
  • Everything you wish to accomplish will come solely as a result of successful media/marketing executive networking.

Direct Marketing

Paying media 25% of the retail price of your innovative product (75% to you) is more profitable than selling in retail stores alone (50% to you).
We offer a sliding scale on our commission from 1% to 10% (or variables in between).
Sales made by media professionals are tracked though dedicated landing pages on your website, or by an in-bound call center.
Without publicity and advertising a terrible thing happens ... nothing!

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How We Start

You will quickly discover whether professionals who control "Big Media" will support your product, with national TV or Radio on a commission only basis from sales they make of your product.

We guarantee that we will secure at least one commission only media joint venture on national TV or Radio or your money back.

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